Monday, April 05, 2010

Class 5

Animation Mentor is just flying by, and I can steadily see the improvement with every class. This class I have Mark Pullyblank. Hes worked on Journey to the Center of the Earth, Night at the Museum, Garfield 1 and 2, Case 39 and just wrapped on Avatar!!. I hope to learn a great deal more from him on facial animation and just continue to push my skills further. With that said here is my shot so far..This is continued from last term and in this class we add the facial animation. I continued to polish the body mechanics from the last post.

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Raymond Santos said...

this is awesome, im actually thinking about taking animation mentor classes in the fall after i graduate in june from Ai. Your gunna be a an amazing animatot once ur done with AM, i can aleady tell. Keep up the great work!