Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Animation Test

This test took me 4 days and nights...its not polished but I wanted to push myself on speed and time and see if I could meet the "standard" they requested....I plan to eventually get back to this, polish and rework the entire shot...

Class 6 Finished

I ended class 6 by wrapping up the "Elroy" shot as you saw in the earlier post; still have major work to do on the 2 character shot and ended with polishing up these 2 shots....this would of been the final versions of these shots but a few animation tests have come along and put that on hold....

Alot of work went into this shot and currently just making very minor tweaks and its a wrap on this one...

Class 6 Polish Time

Class 6 was taught by Mark Ofetdal and boy did he push me even further. He once worked at Pixar and now is on his own journey, working on his own and freelancing. In his class I had to polish my demo reel and it was not easy. I landed a job at Image Metrics and well that cut into my polish time. I had the opportunity to start and finish a new shot and in the end it was worth it.

Here is the shot in the blocking stage

In Class 6 I barely spent time on this shot; I spent most of my time on the above shot but at this point in time this is where this shot stands. I shot new video reference for the last cut as you can see and plan to get back to work on this as soon as I can.

Class 5 Finished

Here is my 2 character shot which is still not finished even today a lot of things of things came up with this shot and I started to fall behind time wise, but I started this shot and will hopefully find the time to get back to this....I really want to finish this up

At this point at the end of Class 5 it was still partly blocked and no lip sync

Class 5 Contiued

Its been such a long time since I've had the time to get back on here. Needless to say Animation Mentor is over (September 2010) and it was a blast. I learned so much and plan to continue to sharpen and build on those skills. The "Elroy" shot was finally finished up in class 6 and here it is....